How to Plan Your Grad Photography Session

First of all, congratulations on either you graduating, or your child graduating! What an exciting new chapter! Planning for a grad photography session doesn’t have to be stressful. As a Fresno-based photographer who has shot many graduation sessions, I’ve decided to compile a list to help you prepare for your grad’s photos. That way you can spend less time stressing, and more time celebrating your graduate!

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Grad photography session at Fresno State University

1 – Hair & Makeup For Your Grad Photography Session

WhileiIt’s not necessary to hire a professional hair and makeup artist, I think it can make a huge difference in the outcome of your photos! Getting all glammed up and feeling good is the perfect way to celebrate what you’ve accomplished! Also, if you need recommendations for professional makeup artists and hair stylists in the Fresno area, let me know because I have some great recommendations!

2 – Choose a Location That Aligns With Your Personality!

Choosing a location that feels right to you is such a fun part of planning for grad photos! I always encourage clients to choose a place that has meaning to them and aligns with their personality because it makes for some special grad photos! Think, what kind of vibes are you wanting your session to give? Do you like edgy vibes? Let’s shoot some edgy grad photos downtown! Maybe you want something along the lines of rustic? Let’s shoot at a barn! Or you want a more feminine girly look. Let’s go shoot in a beautiful field of wildflowers! Graduation photos don’t have to be boring, and it’s important that they reflect who you really are! Choosing the right location can help with this.

Choose Your Outfits for Your Grad Photos!

It’s important to choose between two to three outfits for your grad photos! I suggest one casual option and one dressier option so you can get a few different looks. In addition, you will want to bring your cap and gown as an outfit so we can get some pictures in it! The outfits you choose for your grad photography session can also be such a fun part of the process, and just like with location, you’ll want to make sure you’re being true to yourself! Your clothing should make you feel comfortable, so choose whatever looks and feels right to you.

Bring Props! Yes, We Love to Have Fun With Props!

When it comes to grad photography props, the possibilities are endless! If you like playing an instrument, bring it with you, and let’s get some photos of you playing! Are you an avid reader? Bring your favorite book and let’s get some shots of you reading! I want to make your session about you and be as authentic and true to who you are as an individual! Consider confetti, maybe a custom coffee mug, champagne (for those 21+ 😉 ), or even your favorite childhood pet! You can never go wrong with personalized props for your grad photos because they help showcase who you really are!

So, Are You Ready To Book a Grad Photography Session?!

I hope this has helped in giving you guidance on how to plan for your grad photography session! If you’re on the look for a grad photographer, then let’s chat because I would love to capture your grad’s photos next! You can learn more about me here, and if you think I’d be the perfect match then inquire with me here! I can’t wait to chat with you soon!

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