Top 5 Tips on Making Your Wedding Family Photos Fast & Easy

As much as planning for your wedding family photos isn’t the most exciting part when it comes to your wedding, it’s incredibly important to have a plan so that the day goes as smoothly as possible. By doing so, we can move on to the more exciting parts of the big day! As a wedding photographer in Fresno whose captured many weddings, I know of some simple tips and tricks to help your day run smoother. So, let’s get into the top 5 tips for planning your wedding family photos for quick and easy portraits!

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1- Make a Detailed List for Your Wedding Family Photos

It’s important to prepare a detailed list of everyone you would like to be photographed with on your wedding day! Include family members, close friends, and bridal party members. Remember to mention any special guests you wish to be photographed with. Finally, decide on any special poses or group combinations you would like to capture.

2- Informed Everyone of the Timing & Location for Wedding Family Photos!

Make sure everyone who is in the photos knows exactly where to be and where to stay after the ceremony! This will help ensure that your family photos will be organized and run smoothly. This also prevents anyone from getting lost or confused during the photography session! We don’t want anyone wandering around when they’re supposed to be getting photos with the newlyweds because they weren’t told beforehand! Coordinating the ceremony this way will also ensure that there is enough time to take photos and enjoy the day!

3- Keep The Wedding Family Photos List Short & Sweet!

Keep the list short! The reception is a great time to take pictures with all of your friends. Include only those on the list who you absolutely want to have formal family photos taken on your big day. During the reception, you will have plenty of opportunities to get pictures with extended family!

4- Get as Many Wedding Family Photos BEFORE The Ceremony as Possible!

It’s a great idea to get as many family wedding photos before the ceremony as possible. This will significantly help cut back on the time it will take to get everyone’s photos after the ceremony. It’s only natural that after a wedding ceremony, you’ll want to head straight to the reception to celebrate, am I right? You could also consider doing your bride and bridesmaids’ photos and the groom and groomsman’s photos prior to the ceremony as well! The more photos you get prior to the ceremony, the better!

5 – Decide on Your Family Photos Location Prior to Your Wedding Day!

It’s important that you decide where you want your wedding family photos before it’s time to take them! I’m sure you’ll have already done a tour of your venue before you book your wedding there, so keep that in mind while you’re touring and take note of any spots you may want to do some photos at. The altar is always a great choice in my opinion because it’s usually so beautifully decorated and makes for the perfect backdrop!

Let Me Capture Your Special Day Next!

There you have it! My top 5 tips for making your wedding family photos fast and easy! If you’re looking for a wedding photographer, then let’s chat because I would love to capture your wedding day next! You learn more about me here, and feel free to check out more of my work on the blog! If you like what you see and think I’d be the perfect wedding photographer to capture your special day, then inquire with me here! I can’t wait to hear from you!

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