What Wedding Photography Package is Best For You?

As a Fresno wedding photographer, a common question I get is “how many hours of wedding photography do I REALLY need?”. The answer is that it’s different for everyone. The amount of coverage truly depends on what you want to capture during your wedding or elopement! Not everyone wants a traditional wedding, so everyone’s needs are going to be different. Let’s get into the different types of wedding photography package options there are and what they cover!

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4-Hour Wedding Photography Package

A four-hour wedding photography package would include coverage for your ceremony, family photos, bride and groom portraits, and a very short reception like a dinner, toast, and cake. This is perfect for the couple who wants to have a small wedding or intimate elopement. You don’t plan to do everything the traditional wedding would include! You won’t have coverage of getting ready, details, etc, but the most important parts of your wedding day like your ceremony will be captured.

6-Hour Wedding Photography Package

A six-hour package is perfect for you if you’re having your wedding with your nearest and dearest to your heart! You want to get married surrounded by your people, but you don’t plan on doing ALL the traditions of a normal wedding day. Six hours of coverage will give you ceremony and reception coverage only.

Things to consider when choosing a six-hour package is that there isn’t much time to get any getting-ready photos or detail shots such as your invitation suites, wedding dress, wedding decor, etc. So, if this is something that’s important to you, then it’s best to go with a package that includes more coverage.

8-Hour Wedding Coverage Package

8 hours of wedding coverage is the most popular option for traditional wedding days. It’s perfect for a wedding where you’ll want coverage of you getting ready, the ceremony, and the reception to the end of the night! This will allow you the time to get those pictures getting ready with your bridesmaids, detail photos, etc. This is great for weddings that are larger and includes more of the traditional parts of a wedding day. This is also a great option if the ceremony and reception are at the same location!

10-Hour Wedding Coverage Package

A 10-hour wedding package coverage includes getting ready photos, your ceremony, and reception to the end of the night! This is also great if there is any travel between the ceremony, reception, and getting ready locations. This is perfect for the couple who is having a larger or traditional wedding and want’s everything to be included!

Let’s Chat More About What Package is Right For You!

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