Raw & Authentic Beach Maternity Photos at Big Sur

These beach maternity photos at Big Sur are simply breathtaking. Olga and Daniel did amazing throughout this shoot, and I am so excited to share it. When I first talked to Olga and Daniel, they made it clear that a dreamy photoshoot was what they were going for. They were even willing to get sandy and wet to capture the best photos we could! We were able to capture different backdrops and atmospheres within the same location. Keep scrolling, and you’ll see just how dreamy this maternity session was!

A couple expecting a child embracing each other at sunset on the beach at Big Sur

Olga & Daniel’s Experience Throughout their Raw & Authentic Beach Maternity Photos

We started the beach maternity photos at Point Lobos. It had an amazing backdrop of the beach and rocks. Olga wore a beautiful yellow dress, and it was perfect! After that, Olga slipped into a pink dress that perfectly complemented the atmosphere around Big Sur. Then, we found an amazing cliff and took pictures there. As we moved towards the end, it led us to a field of Calla Lilies! We were so excited when we saw these beautiful flowers. I knew we had to get some photos within these flowers. It was seriously so special! Calla Lilies only bloom in March, and it felt like fate stumbling onto this beautiful scenery. The sun started setting, and we were able to capture the dreamiest photos!

Exploring Big Sur’s Landscapes

Following that, we made our way down to the beach, and let me tell you, right when we got down to the beach, the sky started to turn hues of pink. I seriously couldn’t believe how lucky we were getting this day. Olga and Daniel had changed into a more casual outfit for this part of the shoot! Here on the beach, I captured more playful moments between them. I could truly see the raw and authentic moments happening in front of me. After that, we couldn’t stop thinking about the breathtaking Calla Lilies! So, we ended up walking back and capturing more photos of them in their more casual outfits. It was the best way to end this maternity session.

Ready for your own Beach Maternity Photos at Big Sur?

I am so happy I was able to be a part of capturing an important milestone in Olga and Daniel’s life! We captured some amazing shots, and I am so excited to shoot here again. If you’re wanting your own beach maternity photos at Big Sur, reach out to me or see more of my work here. I can’t wait to hear from you!

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