Maternity Photoshoot Outfit Ideas: What to Wear for your Maternity Photoshoot

Having a maternity session can be super exciting, however, choosing an outfit can be tough! You may be wondering what do I wear? What would look good in photos, and should my partner match with me? These are all valid questions and I will be diving into them in this blog! And, to top it off, I also included maternity photoshoot outfit ideas throughout this blog, too! Keep scrolling to see all the goodies to help plan your maternity photoshoot.

Choosing an Outfit with Movement for your Maternity Photoshoot Outfit

One important role is in the movement of the clothes. Think about all the candid shots that can be captured when moving around in the shoot and the wind hits perfectly. The movement of your outfit can add amazing photos to your shoot! Flowy off the shoulder dresses are an absolutely favorite of mine! Flowy dresses add movement to photos, so as you’re walking around, dancing with your partner or just letting the wind do its thing. Additionally, they add such a dreamy and emotional touch to the photos. I can’t recommend flowy dresses enough!

A couple embracing and smiling while standing on a coastal cliff with waves crashing against rocks in the background.

Choosing the Right Colors

Earthy tones or soft pastels are the way to go. They complement nature so beautifully and easily pair with other earthy toned outfits! Please avoid wearing black, navy, or any super dark colors. They tend to hide the bump, which isn’t the look we’re aiming for! Also, If your partner’s joining, solid colors or subtle patterns work best. Aim for complementary, not matching looks. 

Comfort is Key! 

One thing that needs to be emphasized is the fact that this is your shoot and your photos. You need to feel comfortable in what you are wearing and making sure what you are wearing represents you as a person and together as a couple. So, If you choose a location where you will be walking around to capture the best backdrop for your photos, make sure to choose something comfortable to wear! Of course looking fabulous is important but being comfortable is crucial especially when we are out in nature. 

Add Accessories

When choosing accessories to wear to your maternity photoshoot, consider subtle jewelry. Think jewelry, hairpieces, or hats. So, basically anything that compliments but isn’t overwhelming. 

Where get Maternity Photoshoot Outfit Ideas and Where to Shop

When it comes to finding the perfect outfits for your maternity photoshoot, having a variety of shopping options can make the process more enjoyable. Free People has a range of flowy dresses, and tops, that are perfect for maternity shoots. Another place is Joyfolie! They have a wide range of selection as well! And if you’re needing more maternity photoshoot outfit ideas check out my Pinterest board!

More Places to Shop at!

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Looking for a Maternity Photographer?

If you’re searching for a maternity photographer to beautifully capture this special time in your life, your search ends here! Let’s create timeless memories together that you’ll cherish forever. You can inquire here or see more of my maternity sessions here!

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