Fun Family Photos at Yosemite

Taking photos of this family at Yosemite was SO much fun! Even though the weather was pretty chilly and a little cloudy that did not slow them down even a little bit! We adventured throughout Yosemite and I loved running around with them. It definitely reminded me of how much I love being a mother. And, of course being able to capture these types of memories to be able to have the family cherish them for years to come. The whole family came out for photos and initially we started out near Tunnel View and one thing that I thought was so cute is that the whole family was just caught up in the moment! They did not let the cold weather get them down and they really enjoyed the outdoors! Come see what it looks like taking your family photos at Yosemite looks like with me by your side every step of the way!

Fun Family Photos in The Snow

Once everyone had their fill of Tunnel View, we moved on to one of the beautiful snowy fields and it was so fun to catch a friendly snowball fight between the family! They all started getting into it and it was as if I was not even there! They just enjoyed themselves while I got some cool family shots on camera! From there we moved on to the waterfront and made to get tunnel view in the background. Everyone got a chance to get in on this epic view and the photos we got here were so awesome!

Let’s Adventure In The Snow Together!

At the end of this shoot, they were all so ecstatic and had had so much fun! It did not even feel like a photoshoot! I think that is something that is really important for anyone looking to get photos taken, don’t worry about getting dressed up or having to look perfect and that’s not the case at all! A photoshoot is to capture you and your special moments how ever they come! Whether you come dressed casual, dressed up or whatever! Your photos will look amazing! I would love to be there to help you feel comfortable and catch all of life’s adventures on camera with you. If you would like to know more about me click here! If I sound like the kind of photographer you want to join you and your family contact me here! I can’t wait to hear from you !!

Alyssa Michele Photo | Yosemite Family Photographer

Come see more of this fun family photo session in Yosemite below!

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