A Fun Movie-Themed Engagement Couples Photo Session

Joel and Celeste had such a fun idea for their engagement couples photo session and I had so much fun photographing these two! They actually first met through mutual friends. Celeste was talking to someone and so was Joel, but both couples realized they’d be better off as friends and Joel and Celeste really hit it off together! For their engagement session, they had the idea of recreating movie covers for their save-the-dates from 12 of their favorite movies! It came out exactly as they wanted and was so on-brand for them! I’m so happy with how much they loved them!

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Celeste & Joel’s Fun Movie-Themed Engagement Couples Photo Session

We ended up taking their engagement photos at Creative Spaces Fresno. It was the perfect space to be able to get the shots they wanted. They of course brought several changes of clothing to best match the movie covers, and they seriously nailed it! I think when you’re looking at their engagement photos, you’ll know exactly what movie it’s inspired after. I also loved how they made the “movie titles” unique to them like “St. Johns Bride”, Gettin’ Hitched”, and “When Joel Met Celeste” etc!

Your Engagement Photos Can Be Anything You Want!

Honestly, though, you can do ANYTHING you want for your engagement photoshoot! These were so much fun and truly fit Celeste and Joel, and they incorporated the things they love together! The possibilities are truly endless. You can go to your favorite coffee shop, or an arcade if you like to game together, do an in-home engagement session, or even your favorite park for a sentimental location! I’m always up for an adventure. Plus, I love to get creative, so don’t shy away from doing something fun and unique, I’m here for it!

Let’s Plan Your Own Unique Engagement Couples Photo Session Next!

Ready to start planning your own unique engagement session? Let’s do it together! I would love to capture your engagement photos and bring your engagement photo visions to life just like Celeste and Joel! You can learn more about me here. If you think I’d be the perfect photographer for you, then inquire with me here!

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