Why I Fell in Love with Candid Wedding Photography – The Perspective of a Fresno Candid Wedding Photographer

If you’ve ever wondered why I chose to become a wedding photographer, today’s the day you get your answer. It all began with my passion for family photography. I was always drawn to the emotional side of these sessions, the way a single photograph could tell an entire story, capture a moment in time and the emotions tied to it. I found something incredibly fulfilling in this, something I knew I wanted to carry into my professional career. So stay tuned on why I fell in love with candid photography from a Fresno candid wedding photographer.

Alyssa Michele Photo | Candid Wedding Photographer in Fresno California

Candid wedding photography captured by Fresno candid wedding photographer Alyssa Michele Photo

Why Candid Wedding Photography Stole My Heart

Wedding photography, in particular, stole my heart because it’s all about capturing special, emotional moments. It’s about being there on the most special day of someone’s life, witnessing all the love, joy, and occasionally, the happy tears, and immortalizing them into photographs.

My first encounter with documentary-style photography was a bit of serendipity. I was called to fill in for a talented photographer in the Fresno area who had fallen ill. He asked me to shoot in a documentary style. At the time, I wasn’t entirely sure what that meant, but I dove headfirst into research and quickly fell in love with the approach.

Shooting in this style made the wedding day so much more relaxed. We weren’t obsessing over the perfect shot or sticking rigidly to a shot list. Instead, we let the day unfold naturally, capturing real, candid moments. The authenticity of these photos was unmatched. It felt like we were capturing the soul of the wedding, the real essence of the couple’s love story.

There’s an undeniable rush of emotion I feel when I capture these real, unposed moments. It’s almost as if I can feel the couple’s joy, their love, their nervous anticipation. Each click of the shutter captures a piece of their love story. It’s these feelings, these raw, unfiltered moments, that make candid wedding photography and documentary-style wedding photography so special to me.

Why Fresno is a Photographers Dream!

Now, let’s talk about Fresno. This place is a photographer’s dream. It offers a myriad of scenic backdrops, from the stunning beaches to the majestic Yosemite and Sequoia parks. Each of these locations is within a short distance from the valley, making it incredibly versatile for photography. And let’s not forget the charm of Fresno itself. This city is filled with hidden gems, perfect for capturing unique and beautiful wedding photos.

Being a Fresno wedding photographer allows me to combine my two great loves: the authenticity of documentary-style photography and the beauty of the Fresno area. It’s a job that brings me immense joy, and one I wouldn’t trade for anything.

So, if you’re looking for a Fresno wedding photographer who loves to capture the raw, candid moments of your special day, I’m your girl. Inquire with me here and let’s tell your love story together, in all its authentic, unscripted glory.

Wedding Vendors:
Venue: Evanelle Vineyards@evanellevineyards | Photographer: Alyssa Michele Photo@alyssamichelephoto | Officiant: Shavawn Gentry Meyer (day of/friend) Contact # – 559 213 3773 | MUA: Charissa Hernandez – @makeup_by_charrisa | DJ- GTE Event Group@gteeventgroup

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