Top 6 Tips to Prepare For Your Fall Mini Session

Looking to prepare for your fall mini session? You’ve come to the right place! Here were going to talk about how to make sure you show up to your mini session fully prepared so that you have a successful session! Fall mini sessions are the perfect opportunity for families or even couples to get some current photos together, and the gorgeous colors of the fall foliage as the backdrop makes it even better! I don’t know about you, the the colors of the autumn leaves changing and the crisp fall air is just so comforting. That’s why I’m so excited to offer these fall mini sessions every year, and I hope you are too. So lets get into how to prepare!

Alyssa Michele Photos | Top 6 Tips to Prepare For Your Fall Mini Session | Fresno Family Photographer

Tip 1 – Understanding The Timing of Your Fall Mini Session

It’s important to remember that your fall mini session is just as it sounds, mini! These sessions are 20 minutes each. Because of this, it’s incredibly important that you arrive to your session prepared. Ensure that your outfits are in order, your makeup is applied, and your hair is in place. You’ll make the most of your session by arriving on time, or even early, to ensure you are ready by your slot time! Keep in mind that these sessions cannot be extended if you arrive late, so make sure you arrive on time!

Tip 2: Outfit Recommendations For Your Fall Mini Session

When choosing your fall mini session outfits, I suggest avoiding overly matching outfits. Instead, try to do coordinating color schemes that compliment each other. For fall, great colors would be neutral earthy tones, or even those fall colors like maroon, burnt oranges, etc. As far as patterns, subtle stripes, small polka dots, plaid, or anything that isn’t too distracting will work. Avoid clothing with logos and bright colors. Waffle knit and corduroy clothing look great for fall as well. It’s a great idea to layer your clothing for varied looks and to stay comfortable in the changing fall season. Check out this fall family outfit Pinterest board for some inspiration on how to style for your fall mini session!

Tip 3: Incorporating Props During Your Fall Mini Session

Make your fall mini session fun and unique to you by bringing any meaningful props that reflect your family’s personality and interests! Maybe you love the game scrabble together. Bring it out and let’s set it up and get a few cute shots of you playing together. Or maybe bring your family pet along for your photos! While I provide a blanket to use, if you have one that has sentimental value to your family or that you’d prefer to use, make sure to bring that along.

Tip 3: Incentives for Cooperating Children!

Being a mom myself, I know the struggle of getting your child to cooperate, especially when you want them to most! I highly suggest bringing some small bribes such as candy or the promise of ice cream at your favorite ice cream shop after the session! Don’t worry, this is a common practice among parents, and sometimes you just have to do what you have to do to get that cooperation and sweet smiles during your session! 😉

Tip 5: Preparation Tips for Mom

Mama, I know the last person you’re worried about during your session is yourself, but it shouldn’t be! I always encourage mothers to get professional hair and makeup done even for mini sessions! Not only will this enhance the photos, but this will also boost your confidence which will reflect in your photos. You’re usually the one behind the lens, and very rarely in the frame. Take the time to get yourself dolled up so you can feel extra beautiful for your session!

Tip 6: Expect a Candid Fall Mini Session

When you work with me, please expect a very candid experience! You will not be unnaturally posed or asked to just stare at the camera the entire time! I want to capture you and your family in the moment, and authentically interacting with one another and you usually would!

Sweet Words From Hannah Dybass:

I had the honor of capturing Hannah and her family for their fall mini session last year, and it was such a joy to work with them. I always ask clients to let me know how their experience was, and this is what Hannah shared:

“This was the first time my family did photos and Alyssa did perfect! She made us feel so comfortable and made the process so simple. I just got the gallery back and immediately started crying. The photos are perfect and I am so thankful to have these beautiful moments captured in time. Definitely going to book with Alyssa again and again.”

Feeling Ready For Your Fall Mini Session?

So, if you come to your fall mini session prepared and doing everything above, you’ll be set for a successful fall mini session! I hope this blog has helped you before the day arrives! And of course, if you have any more questions, get in contact with me here and lets chat! The most important part of your session is that you and your family enjoy the experience. My main goal for you is to capture the unique bond that you have with your family and create lasting memories that are captured through authentic candid photography that you’ll be able to cherish forever!

And if you haven’t already booked your fall mini session, make sure to do that ASAP as these always go so fast and dates fill up quickly! You can book your fall mini session here! I can’t wait to hear from you and capture your family this fall! In the meantime, check out more family sessions on the blog for inspiration!

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