An Elegant Cambodian Wedding at Victorian Sisters of Two Gardens

Wow! Sotheary and Ryan’s Cambodian wedding was unlike anything I’ve ever shot before. And can we take a moment for Sotheary’s dress?! Seriously, so gorgeous. Since Sotheary is Cambodian, this wedding was filled with all of her cultures traditions and it was absolutely stunning. I’m so honored that they chose me to capture their special day. They decided to have their wedding at Victorian Sisters of Two Gardens, which is a gorgeous wedding venue in Tulare County, CA. This venue is stunning and has so many unique elements to it! Come see more of Sotheary and Ryan’s gorgeous day.

The Moments That Made This Cambodian Wedding So Special

The guests and the culture were so important to Sotheary and Ryan. Sotheary wore an absolutely stunning Cambodian wedding dress. She was glowing the whole night! An important tradition in Cambodia is to serve egg rolls and they were AMAZING! Everyone who was helping with the wedding was very important. The whole family got together to help with the Cambodian food, it was awesome! I love that in Sotheary’s culture, they put a huge emphasis on spending time with your loved ones. I think that is what made this day so unique. Sotheary said the moment she was most looking forward to on her wedding day were people and joy. And I feel like their day encompassed just that.

A Special Note From The Bride

“I used to love to take photos/video- went to school for it and everything. Then I worked
as a News Photographer and found myself “following death” for a living when we were sent to cover car crashes, murders, and more. The death, pain, and heartache I pointed my lens at has tainted pictures/video as a form of art for me. I am still having trouble even holding a camera in my hands or caring to look at photos anymore. What I HAVE found is that images of joy & authenticity are incredibly healing for me. While I hope Ryan and I look cute in our pictures, I know that my favorite ones will be of how much fun we had with our people, the sweaty-drunk dance pics, how hard our family/friends/staff worked to make it happen, and anything else that will help tell our future kids a great story about the beginning of the rest of our lives.”

Kind Words From Sotheary and Ryan After Their Cambodian Wedding Day

“Alyssa did such an awesome job with our photos! Because California can get dry, the popular aesthetic has leaned toward beige and neutral tones but we wanted to honor the Cambodian wedding heritage with bright, lush color in our wedding. Alyssa really captured that for our special day and the pictures make me so happy to look back on!

Our friends and family also had a huge hand in putting the wedding together including cooking the food for almost 200 people! So we stressed that behind-the-scenes photos of the people who helped us put everything on was also important to us. We didn’t just want to remember the pretty parts, we wanted an accurate depiction of all the hard work and love that was put into this special day and Alyssa helped us remember that. We’re so grateful.

She was thorough in making sure we covered everything we wanted for the big day. Alyssa and her assistant were also flexible enough to go with the flow. We loved working with them and would absolutely recommend Alyssa Michele Photography to our friends and family as well as hire her again. Thanks so much”

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Alyssa Michele Photo | Fresno Wedding Photographer

Come see more of Sotheary and Ryan’s gorgeous day below!

The Amazing Vendor Team

Venue: Victorian Gardens of Two Sisters

Cambodian Dress: Khmer Bridal, Long Beach, CA (@khmerbridal)

And a special Thank You to the bride and grooms friends and family who helped put on such a magical day!

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