Almond Blossom California Sessions in Central Valley Of California

The almond blossoms in the Central Valley of California only bloom once a year, and last only for just a few weeks! They are absolutely gorgeous, especially for spring photos! The blossoms really give a whimsical and dreamy feel to your pictures and I love doing photoshoots with almond blossoms! They almost look like snow falling when they drop from the trees, and it’s so magical! Just see for yourself with these almond blossom California photos! Come see more of them below and get inspired for your blossom session with me next! You can book your session here: Book your almond orchard blossom session

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What To Wear For Your Almond Blossom California Photoshoot

Whether you’re looking to plan a family, maternity, or even portrait photo session at the almond blossoms in the Central Valley of California, what you wear will also really help bring these photos to life! I’ve created a board on Pinterest that you can take a look at. This will help to find some inspiration on which colors would look good against the almond orchards!

Neutral colors tend to go very well against the orchards! Wear whatever you’re comfortable in, casual or dressy! The almond blossoms are naturally beautiful, so just choose something that will work well in contrast with the orchard’s colors! Of course, if you book an almond blossom session with me and are trying to figure out what you want to wear, Id be happy to help you out!

Family almond blossom california photo session in the central valley of california

Ready to book your own dreamy Almond Blossom California Session In The Central Valley of California?!

If you’re feeling inspired to have your photo session with these beautiful almond blooms, then look no further! The Almond Blossoms typically come in late February to early March, so it’s important to book your spot before they’re gone! You can learn more about me here! If you think I’m the right photographer to capture your own dreamy almond blossom session, then let’s get in touch! You can book them now here!

family photos in the central valley of california orchard

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