Adventurous Glacier Point Sunrise Engagement Photos

Courtney and Evan had adventurous Glacier Point sunrise engagement photos in Yosemite National Park. They came to Yosemite during their month-long road trip from Nebraska where they tried to stop at as many national parks as possible! I had such a blast with these two! Keep scrolling to see all the locations within Yosemite National Park where we captured amazing shots at! If you are looking for inspiration for your Glacier Point session then this is the best blog to read!!

A couple stands on a cliff at sunset, sharing a kiss with a mountainous landscape behind them.

Courtney & Evan’s Adventurous Glacier Point Sunrise Engagement Photos

If you’re looking for a spot in Yosemite National Park for your sunrise engagement photos I recommend Glacier Point! It is a very beautiful spot with different backdrops and panoramic views of Yosemite Valley, Half Dome, and the High Sierra. Additionally, you are able to drive up to Glacier Point so no hiking is required! This was a two hour engagement photo session at Glacier Point and it was perfect because we were really able to take our time and explore all Glacier Point has to offer! Keep scrolling to see the different spots we took photos at all within Glacier Point.

I recommend getting there about 15-30 minutes before sunrise so you can get some shots at blue hour before the sun peeks over Half Dome. During the engagement session they had a picnic that was so cute and made for playful and romantic photos! Courtney and Evan are seriously such a fun and adventurous couple!

A couple stands on a cliff at sunset, sharing a kiss with a mountainous landscape behind them.

Locations at Glacier Point for Photos

There are so many locations at Glacier Point with beautiful backdrops, so let’s go through them and see what these spots at Glacier Point have to offer!

Location #1

This spot is so stunning! The trees surrounding Courtney and Evan with the rock formations in the backdrop create a breathtaking scene with both lush greenery and majestic scenery during blue hour.

Location #2

This location has a dramatic view of the valley below, and a waterfall in the distance. The cliff and view of the clear skies make it an unforgettable backdrop. Imagine walking up on this beautiful cliffside and having this as your view!! Insane, right?

Location #3

As the sun starts to rise the golden light hits this spot and creates long shadows and the iconic Half Dome is illuminated in the background. Playful photos at this spot create almost a movie like romantic scenery.

Location #4

At this specific location, Courtney and Evan had the sun hitting them and creating a golden look. This spot is flat and clear allowing you to set up a picnic like these two did and capture romantic photos. The possibilities are truly endless here!

Location #5

This is a rock house at Glacier Point! It is such a different backdrop than any of the other spots at Glacier Point and I recommend stopping here! It has incredible views, a cute little house that we can play in and allows for an adventure vibe!

Location #6

This is my favorite spot at Glacier Point! It’s such a majestic scenery with a beautiful backdrop and standing on the edge makes for amazing photos! There is truly something so so special about this spot. Breathtaking views and incredible mountain scapes behind this huge cliff.


Glacier Point has so many locations for stunning backdrops for your photos! The possibilites are truly endless and can be aligned with what you two exactly what! If you need help finding a space within Glacier Point or want more recommendations, please don’t hesitate to reach out! Yosemite National Park is my favorite space and I would love to help guide you in the best direction for you!! If you would like to, please go ahead and check out my Yosemite packages here and see more of my work here! If you think we are a great fit then fill out a contact form! I can’t wait to hear from you!

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